Friday, 7 September 2012


Looking through magazines, seeing beautiful people on the internet, is simply not the same as seeing a beautiful person in real life. I was online searching for motivation, to do something, anything really. And found that although there are numerous wonderful, inspirational and idyllic people out there, it was not enough. Sometimes you find motivation in the people closest to you. 
Like your friends. I find that your friends, in some way or another help define who you are as a person. No matter how hard you resist, it is inevitable that some of their attributes rub off on you. Whether they be good or bad, is not entirely within your grasp. That’s why i find i enjoy being in the company of people who have skills ,goals and aspirations. These are the people that want to make something of themselves. Who want to build a future, a great one, to benefit themselves and to others. The few true friends I have found in this lifetime, hold true to this expectation. Because when you’re surrounded by people who have grand aspirations, i find that this is the best motivation as you aspire to be of their standard. It’s not a competition, its a choice. To be the best you can be. When you’re surrounded by people with high hopes and dreams, people with standards, you appeal to reach your own dreams and strive to conquer soaring heights and break through all limitations. It enables you to maintain your core values -which is essential- , and build on your own attributes. 
To be a better person. 
Cause there’s always room for improvement, it’s one of the many fantastically traversing aspects of being human.
Dream BIG, or go home.
“Near ink there is darkness, near light there is shine”, Beings who want more to what they have, people who want change, to make a difference, those are people who i appreciate and respect. It’s not selfish it’s only natural. People who can take a step back and look at the bigger picture, view both sides and at the same time, find&hold to their own interpretations and opinions. People with an optimistic, realistic outlook on life, who aspire to success and take action. Kind, friendly people who have golden hearts 

They may be Serena and Blair, but for the night
 we are Lara Croft & Cat Woman