Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Happy National Root Beer Float Day !

I find myself missing america. Today has become one of my new favourite days.
The extremely talented Mila Kunis is a big fan of the American favourite, she'd include it as part of her perfect day.
"It would be going for a swim, lazing around the house, playing with my dogs, drinking a root beer float, catching up on TiVo, having some food, a glass of wine and calling it a night."- Mila Kunis
History dust bunnies:
The ice cream concoction has been around since about 1874 and was invented by Frank Wisner.
According to local legend, Wisner was staring out his window one night, looking at the snowy peaks on the dark mountains. He thought the scene looked like ice cream in dark soda.
The next day he combined root beer and vanilla ice cream, and from there, an American tradition was born.