Sunday, 11 August 2013

Moon Prism Power - Make UP!

Sephora recently launched the third installment of their Disney Princess' Collection. Lo a behold it's Disney's Ariel Collection!  
For all of you, who like myself, live in a place where Sephora is nonexistent it is a make up plethora that houses all your favourite brands and has its own brand. Basically it can be your one stop shop for all things wonderful. The Australian comparison would be Mecca Cosmetics. 

Ariel was, is, my all time favourite Disney Princess. When I was younger it was because she was a mermaid, her friends were friendly, talking sea creatures and to top it all off she was a princess. Now she reflects a part of my inner-sometimes-outer- child that lives to dream. She taught me that 
"dreams are reality in waiting"
and it's just a beautiful sentiment