Friday, 21 February 2014

All the pretty lights

The seventeenth of December, 2013.
Im so obsessed by time and number.
In the afternoon I had lunch with Amy, and we went Christmas shopping. We realised we had been friends for four years. My first casual job was at a Donut King and this is where I met the lovely Amy. We competed in sales, I would do stock, she'd mop (because my mopping was and is still atrocious), we played gammmes with the donuts, drink milkshakes, eat hotdogs, make fun of our boss and talk about boys. We found we were very similar hence we gave each other nicknames.

In the evening I went with my Dad and the family to visit the Christmas lights. I had come here as a child and have the memories of a street filled with dazzling lights and a winter wonderland. I spoke to the owner of the home, told him about visiting as a child and how it seemed a lot more grand at the time. He and his wife have been putting on the Christmas light spectacular for over twenty years and all the donations go to a charity. He told me the people across the street, who they were friends with use to put on a show as well, but they had passed away a couple of years back. It's strange visiting places from childhood because those haunts demonstrate the passing of time.

I'm going to be twenty this December. No longer a teenager and it's weird. It doesn't feel as if I've lived two decades. As I reach this new milestone in my life I only wish I could share it with more beings, instead ghosts.

Enough of that! Look how pretty the lights are and how amazing the christmas window is!

this is someone's window in their house that they've transformed!

The detailing simply amazes me.

this little munchkin is quite the poser

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