Tuesday, 5 August 2014


On Saturday I tried out Steph Prem's Premium Performance pilates (gees that was a mouthful) class at her pop up location on Chapel St, it was a great way to kick off the weekend and the day.
I attended her 45 minute recovery and stretch class, rolled out all my kinks and had an overall relaxing workout. Despite it being a light class I felt it in my upper abs the following morning. It goes to show a little can go along way. I'm super excited to try out her more intense POWER classes, asap. 

The space is industrial chic,cosy and best of all splendidly bright. The location quintessentially Melbourne. Urban caf├ęs litter the streets, funky boutiques, fresh juices, spot on.

I swung by +Pressed Juices before the class to finally sample some of the Greens variety. I've only been meaning to since I got my driver's permit in August, last year! I maybe see a juice cleanse in the near future. Picked up Greens 2, Zest 3 and the chocolate almond mylk which I devoured immediately after class.

then we also went to brunch after the class ... 

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