Friday, 5 September 2014

My little online diary

Our adventures make me giggle. Finally caught up with Lou after a gagillion years. The plan was TGIFs and fries. Fries are forever by the way. It was a gloriously sunny day and the start of Melbourne's warmer weather, thank goodness. We ended up having lunch then 2nd lunch and not too soon after that I had dinner and dessert and hot chocolate. #summerbody

 Lunch at Sushi Hon Melbourne in the Emporium. 
The vegetarian options look and taste very deceiving but are delicious.
Here's Jamie being a little embarrassed of us, we're his special friends, I prefer the word peculiar. 
Then we were off to TGI Friday's for fries and cocktails.
Look how amazing the cocktails are, they're filled with fairy floss then they transform into cosmopolitans ! #daydrinking 


Some happy snaps!
I caught up with the girls for dinner at Cafe Greco  in Watergardens. 
I got the Atlantic Salmon, $26 – Char-grilled salmon fillet served on lemonato potatoes with capers, rocket and seeded mustard salad. It was fabulous. 
  More wedges which are apart of the fry family, hehe.
Dessert at Switch
 Dessert was incredibly diasspiinting, we had the $10 deal which is cake and coffee. My cheesecake tasted doughy and when you touched it, it felt like playdoh. Oanh's tim-tam slice was too overpowering and not it the positive decadent way.
 Tim-tam slice.
Sushi Hon on Urbanspoon TGI Fridays on Urbanspoon
Cafe Greco on Urbanspoon Switch Lifestyle Watergardens on Urbanspoon

Round up:
*Sushi Hon // Thumbs up
*TGI Friday's// Food thumbs up, service average.
*Cafe Greco// Thumbs up
*Switch// Thumbs down 

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