Wednesday, 9 December 2009

the hamster is there and so is the wheel, but le wheel isnt turning.

Its past midnight, i cant sleep (8)

It is now officially the last days of year nine, no more classes, no more carefree lives -without exams, might i add-, no more being kiddie.

AH! who are we kidding being mature is just a phase of immarturity, cause you pretend to be "grown-up" and when you pretend, silently in the back of your mind, you're snickering.

Anywho what is with these tagthings on facebook, must we select people and tag them to these insignificant pictures, that not only are pointless but also give you thousands ands thousands..


of annoying notifications.

TIME to start, to try, to attempt, to docoment events these upcoming holidays

well for those of us who attend a public school, holidays are still around the corner.