Sunday, 23 February 2014

just tell me

One of my pet peeves is when beings allow situations to simmer and then end up truly resenting the other person. 

Personally I'd much rather have a massive blowout so that we can resolve whatever issue lies there since it allows an outlet for all that frustration and maybe even anger. It deals with the issue and we can all move on from it.

For example if I do something that really annoys you, please tell me. I'd much rather you did, you won't offend me and if you do I'll get over it and at least I’ll be able to work on some self-improvement. Because if you don't most likely I will continue to do this thing 
that -will end up aggravating you to no end-, because I don't know that it bothers you and I don't know any better so you can't blame me if I do.

Funny story, this was the story of my life because I lost my glasses for over a good year hence I was constantly squinting. Someone told me I looked really bitchy (forever the case of the Bitch Face), because I was always "greasing" them off. No. My reply will always be the same, I just couldn't see you. See if you had asked me or told me this earlier we could have saved ourselves all the confusion and been friends sooner, I really am a nice person when I want to be, hehe.

I play this game with some of my closest and dearest friends, where I get them to say first good traits and attributes about themselves and then the next person will say the qualities they like and admire in that person. Then you say the negative stuff, all the fears and uglies, that everyone sometimes gets about themselves. The next person says 1 or 2, or 3 if you're daring traits that they dislike or wish they could change about that friend.

I really do like this game because the good qualities you hear from your friends may not be what you want to hear. For myself one of the biggest compliments (and one of my greatest self doubts), is that I'm a good person. My friends said many other wonderful things that made me smile and giggle but they didn’t say that one simple trait that I was hoping for, when I mentioned it they of course said 'oh yes you're totally a good person' and 'you're that too', that's nice and all but not exactly what I wanted to hear. I wish it were something that was automatically applied to my character, like confidence and no shame (which I sometimes question, if it's just a backhanded compliment).

I'm always looking to better myself because I truly believe there is always room for improvement. I also believe that you are able to be content and want to continually be better, it's an oxymoronic situation.  
Honestly, just tell me. I can take it. I may haul myself up in a corner and cry but what doesn't kill you should make you stronger, figuratively speaking.

To quote one of the Queens; "I hate the truth so much that I’d rather have a giant dose of bullshit any day," because sometimes there are those truths and things that destroy a bit inside, like my heart actually hurts when this happens, but on most days, just tell me.

P.S: This is something short and sweet nevertheless it is one of those passions I feel strongly about. It's one of my core beliefs/values. 

P.P.S: I will be posting some more bitch face links for your amusement and pleasure. :D:D I'm off to get ready for cheer tryouts now !! 

Much love Cat xx.

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