Monday, 24 February 2014

more than abs

This year I will:

I was really happy with my resolutions for 2013, I didn't consciously have them in mind during the year but when I reflected I did follow through on my resolutions and I still love the sentiment behind them. For 2014 I decided I needed to get a lot more specific in order to achieve them.

These resolutions I wrote down sometime in January and I'm only sharing them with you now because I don't believe in most of the merde beings spew about it. 'New Year new me', no. You begin any day! Every sunrise brings about a renewal with new promises. Start now, not tomorrow, not the next week you don't need to wait in doing so you're putting off what could be a happier version of self.

Never let failure deter you because from that failure you may have learnt something. I don't want this to get all preachy either so I'm going to stop here but before I do, along with progress of my goals I will be posting quotes, people, pretty pictures (haha) that I find inspiring on this blog with the tag of renewal so if anyone out there ever feels like giving up or if it was a rough day and there was a set back in your ideal plan you can come here and hopefully I can bring you back to your path or simply brighten your day.

Now for some deep Hilary Duff stuff:
- A Cinderella Story (2004)
OMGosh this movie came out 10 years ago. I feel decrepit. 

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New Year's Eve happy snaps!