Saturday, 1 March 2014

In the beginning

The day the spam began.
Do you like 
green eggs and ham?
channeling my inner Carrie Bradshow with the name plate
Cat eye sunglasses: +Prada
Pompom shorts: +Beginning Boutique
Lace up boots: +Nine West
Top: Dotti
Givenchy inspired necklace: +sportsgirlaustralia

Veggie burger #grill'd

accessorise more, check.

The Wolf of Wall Street. It's the movie that's been on every person's list to view.

 +Jordan Belfort the name whispered in awe and disgust amongst adolescent teens, even more impressionable young adults and elders. The memoir is a New York Times best seller. The man himself is a legend, a cult icon for today's youth. It's a rags to riches tale that's “raw and frequently hilarious.” -The New York Times.

It's been on my list of 'Films to view and novels to absorb’ for a period and only as of recent did I see the film... 
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My boyfriend's shield
+Captain America: The Winter Soldier