Monday, 11 August 2014

New traditions; cafe life

A welcome back brunch with Oanh and B. 
The space was bright and airy. Light streamed in through the polar windows and the open floor plan helps the place really flow. Service was quick and efficient. Food was good although we were quite hungry by the time we arrived so that may have add to the tasting value. We would definitely come back. It's a nice simple spot. 
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Persian lentil tagine with Mediterranean vegetables,
dukkarh-rolled feta, smoked hummus, pita and a poached egg.
portion: generous
price: decent $17

Bites I'd give it a 3/5
**could do with more pita, but I throughly enjoy pita
so that may be a matter of opinion. 
top right: Marinated hanger steak with fried semolina, potato crisps, beetroot puree and greens.
bottom right: Braised pulled pork sandwich
I also picked up some sweets for later, I'm a sucker for dessert and baked goods.

Spice cake with crushed pistachio
It was yummy the baked bottom was crunchy and rich in
flavour a nice contrast to the mild fluffy top.
Peanut butter filled donut 
Honestly not amazing, I had one bite and that was enough.