Catherine fell in love with writing as a young girl with numerous journals filled with stories of love, life and all things tragic that come with being a girl. While also fuelled by her desire to be a princess and imitate Meg Carbots's hit series The Princess Diaries, her prose grewWho knew that as she walked, to the beat of her own drum, through life with her obsession with documenting every moment and sharing her tales whether they be make believe or set in life it would lead her to a career in journalism. Or so she thought. 
In 2012 Catherine graduated from St Albans Secondary High School. Her VCE grades placing her in the top eight percentile of the state and an invitation to study within Victoria's most prestigious communication course; journalism at RMIT. 
It didn't work out as she planned. Fresh out of high school with all Bambi-esque-nativity she learned that all was not as it seemed within the world of media and communication. Today, Catherine continues to share her daily trials and is interested in injecting the lives of others with doses of happiness.  
Catherine Pham was born in Melbourne, Australia.

She is currently based in Melbourne.

Catherine is a currently a second year marketing student at RMIT University with a minor in journalism.

Her professional experience extends to public relations, marketing, copyediting, freelance journalism and videography. 

She is bilingual in Vietnamese and speaks at a professional working level.

Reves de Chatte|Dream with Cat is a place where Catherine continues to find herself and grow as a being and writer. 

It's an ongoing project.

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