Friday, 5 September 2014

My little online diary

Our adventures make me giggle. Finally caught up with Lou after a gagillion years. The plan was TGIFs and fries. Fries are forever by the way. It was a gloriously sunny day and the start of Melbourne's warmer weather, thank goodness. We ended up having lunch then 2nd lunch and not too soon after that I had dinner and dessert and hot chocolate. #summerbody

Monday, 25 August 2014

comfy mondays

Took some of +Michelle Phan's advice in her
stuck with comfort and a monochromatic look. 
Plus a little bit of school spirit, I am after all a cheerleader.

Grey dress: Temp, Over-the-knee socks: some store, 
Black boots: +Forever New,
  Jacket: +RMIT University,
Tote: Neverfull MM +Louis Vuitton 

Heres the video for y'all if you don't want to leave my blog ;)

Sunday, 24 August 2014


 I took to exploring the luxuriousness that is Melbourne's newest town hub after classes. I had four hours to kill before my RSA course. The architecture of the place is astounding, everything is so intricate from the layout to the fixtures and ornaments.

When I saw there was an actual book store, I internally squealed. And if you have me on snapchat: @catinwonderland you would have witnessed my inner-dork excitement over books, figurines and comics.
Upon entering the store you're hit with a waft of the scent of printed paper. Oh, how I've missed that smell. Most major book store chains have closed down in Australia so this was more than a pleasant surprise. 
Hehe I love this concept. Also why do guys always offer to buy us gals drinks? I'm not much of a drinker anymore and if a guy offered the same way he did in club, to buy me a book rather than a drink, I would swoon and most likely melted into a puddle of mush.

Mr. Luhrman's Wonder Emporium

The magical place that is The Emporium. I took to exploring the luxuriousness that is Melbourne's newest town hub after classes. Click here for my adventures as after finishing this post , I felt it deserved to be one on its own.

"Taking the ordinary and making it extraordinary, Baz Luhrman, king of all things reimagined is the creative visionary behind what's set to be the event of the season. Emporium Melbourne's launch event sees him transforming the centre into one of his world-renowned sets, bringing the building's iconic story to life, through a 3-hour event unlike any experience before.
A fusion between Film Noir and Alice in Wonderland, all that glitters, and reimagines takes off."

Saturday, 23 August 2014

the weekly roundup

Last week I was really good with my diet and exercise. This week seems to have been the complete opposite.
exactly how my week went. I love you Fran.


Jacket: Zara, Dress shirt: +Tommy Hilfiger,
Leggings: +Forever 21, Boots: Forever New, Scarf: Cocolate