Saturday, 23 August 2014

the weekly roundup

Last week I was really good with my diet and exercise. This week seems to have been the complete opposite.
exactly how my week went. I love you Fran.


Jacket: Zara, Dress shirt: +Tommy Hilfiger,
Leggings: +Forever 21, Boots: Forever New, Scarf: Cocolate 

 I've found that when I go job hunting, I always ends up with purchases. I trick myself into thinking because I'm actively looking for work I can justify these purchases. My haul post will be coming up in the weeks to come!!
This week I treated myself and then I treated myself some more.  Good friends and good food are always a great combination. I've been trying to catch up with a whole lot of wonderful people because I was in such a slump for such a long time, so that led to a build up of rain-checks and 'next times' that I'm now trying to make up. This means I allowed myself to indulge quite a bit this week, as you will all see with the upcoming posts. I've found you need to allow yourself treats and indulgences but there isn't a need to constantly beat yourself up for it. If you have a treat one day, or in my case five, that's okay. Just be conscious of your choices and weekly intake and make the next one a better choice.

Like I said in my previous body image post,  there was a time when I was very self punishing and that's not healthy. What is healthy, is learning to say no, to the side of chips, to the upgrade in a meal or a soda. I'm still learning to do these things more often as well. My advice is to take everything in stride and move forward with that knowledge and experience.
One of my all time favourites,at +Lindt Chocolat Cafe - Collins St , their Iced Chocolates are soulful goodness in a glass. 

20/08 Lunch with Nim

top: Lindt Molten Lava Cake
bottom: Spinach,feta and pine nut quiche

The quiche was delicious and just the right size it didn't leave me feeling bloated just full. I chose this dish as it came with a side salad and I thought that was a little better on my part. Although the Croque Monsieur sounded extra tasty (cheese is my Achilles' heel and brie is divine)! Or as I liked to call it the fancy cheese toasty.
Here is the Lindt Menu on Collins St for those interested:
Lindt Chocolate Café on Urbanspoon

This is my logic. If I have something healthy like a fruit cup it'll balance out my unhealthiness. I'll have a bowl of fries and an apple to balance it out.
Much love Cat xox.