Sunday, 24 August 2014


 I took to exploring the luxuriousness that is Melbourne's newest town hub after classes. I had four hours to kill before my RSA course. The architecture of the place is astounding, everything is so intricate from the layout to the fixtures and ornaments.

When I saw there was an actual book store, I internally squealed. And if you have me on snapchat: @catinwonderland you would have witnessed my inner-dork excitement over books, figurines and comics.
Upon entering the store you're hit with a waft of the scent of printed paper. Oh, how I've missed that smell. Most major book store chains have closed down in Australia so this was more than a pleasant surprise. 
Hehe I love this concept. Also why do guys always offer to buy us gals drinks? I'm not much of a drinker anymore and if a guy offered the same way he did in club, to buy me a book rather than a drink, I would swoon and most likely melted into a puddle of mush.

Had to pick up some reading material, I bought #girlboss by Sophia Amoruso and ordered the hardcopy of Alice in Wonderland and through the looking glass, it is so beautiful. I got lunch from THR1VE, which is a healthy food bar. I ordered the entree signature bowl. You can
1. Choose your base (up to 2): Leafy green base and Sweet potato &cauliflower mash
2. Choose your protein: Grilled Tasmanian salmon with teriyaki sauce & roasted pepper
3. Add sides (i didnt know you could do this, I would have chosen): Smashed avocado and a boiled egg.
4. Upsize: I found entree to be a very filling portion.
Here is the menu if you want to check it out.

This part of the dining area is very Gatsby-inspired it reminds me of a cigar lounge where I would read my paper with a whiskey on the rocks and a cigar.
Then my cheer buddy Gads had to deal with me for 2 whole hours, I commend him. 
We went and got dessert, some froyo at Fro-art also inside the Emporium.
Left: Mango topped with strawberries and underneath cookies and cream
Right: Mixed berries and underneath mango.
At our FOUR hour RSA course
We headed to TGIF afterwards for some late dinner. I had the French Canadian Burger which had maple syrup and bacon plus your usual burger fillings.