Sunday, 24 August 2014

Mr. Luhrman's Wonder Emporium

The magical place that is The Emporium. I took to exploring the luxuriousness that is Melbourne's newest town hub after classes. Click here for my adventures as after finishing this post , I felt it deserved to be one on its own.

"Taking the ordinary and making it extraordinary, Baz Luhrman, king of all things reimagined is the creative visionary behind what's set to be the event of the season. Emporium Melbourne's launch event sees him transforming the centre into one of his world-renowned sets, bringing the building's iconic story to life, through a 3-hour event unlike any experience before.
A fusion between Film Noir and Alice in Wonderland, all that glitters, and reimagines takes off."

 Some photos from #emporiumbybaz Opening Gala (all photos taken from The Emporium Facebook page).
In true Luhrman style the event was filled with grandeur, elegance and glitz. From floating fairy nymphs to victorian girls grape stomping with the live music and champagne flowing it was truly an extravaganza.

"Arriving by limousine, our lucky guests will step out onto Lonsdale Street in front of a sea of flashing paparazzi and a dazzling 2.5 metre high twinkling sign which reads EMPORIUM. "
Some behinds the scenes; prep station.

Cute waiters.

High stakes fashion.
the extraordinary man of the hour

I obviously stalked social media whilst it was happening and the extravagance of it all lighted my little heart

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