Thursday, 6 March 2014


Dear first-years don't stress:
This was the plan for one our first assignments. Impressive, no?
I know a lot of you have just completed your first week of university. Firstly congratulations on surviving twelfth grade! Secondly, welcome to rush hour public transport, absolute confusion and feeling like a fish out of water. Not to worry basically everyone is in the same boat as most first years did just come fresh out of high school and this will be your guide to #unilyfe
  1. Preparation, preparation, preparation. 
I'm hoping you all know the scene in Legally Blonde when Elle comes to class with nothing but her handbag, fluffy pen and a notepad. Needless to say she was advised to leave. Now that won't happen at university but it can feel just as daunting.

Come to class prepared, you're not in high school, so your tute won't always tell you the textbooks you need, the homework/readings you should have done. Google slash your uni website will be your best friend. The introduction to university's motto is 'you are now an adult hence you are responsible for your own education'. Needless to say there is no spoon feeding of information.

       2. Do your readings.

Trust me my friends, they help a lot. In understanding the tutes, the lectures and when it comes time to do your assignments you'll have references.
Learn to reference. I can't speak on behalf of all courses and universities but from my own experience and those of my friends referencing is something that you self teach and comes with practise.
Some unis offer a quick course, go to your library and read the bulletin boards around campus you can discover man helpful ads there and great parties ;D
It's not a must but have a skim through and a copy of your course guide for every class, that way you'll know whats expected. The key goals of the class and the assignment timeline. Most tutes will reference the guide and if they're kind they will have a copy for you first tute if not take some initiative and print it out at home. 

        3. Join a club
The best and easiest way to make friends outside of your course is to join a club. You'll find that in university it's a refreshing change where you are surrounded essentially by like minded people. The benefits of joining a club is that you know you will have similar interests as the club -sporting, political, religious, ethnic- is something you already have in common.  

       4. Get into a routine
You will have a lot more free time than in your final year of high school. Take it as an opportunity to do something you want with your life. I'm certain we've all said at one point 'I wish I could do ... ' insert appropriate life goal. At the time you couldn't because school just took up so much time. Now you can, no excuses don't sleep your life away. Some examples: get a job, pick up a sport, take photography classes, volunteer at a charity, the possibilities are -I'm not going to say endless-

      5. Have fun with it
University is where you'll find life long friends, colleagues, contacts and opportunities you won't find elsewhere in life. Immerse yourself in uni lyfe. 

Goodluck, Love Cat xox.
Let me in the comments know how your university experience is going, first day, memorable moments, first class cutie ?

P.S: JAFY according to a dear friend means Just Another First Year 

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