Sunday, 26 August 2012

third times the charm

compliments; there are the ones you love to hear, the ones you hate and the ones you love to hate to hear.

I am a firm believer in compliments, they can lift a person’s day to amazing heights, they’re small words that are often overlooked. We live in a society that judges, that is completely artificial, -the orange juice i drank this morning was “99.9% reconstituted juice”, for goodness sake- the world we live in is so fake yet so unbelievably real. A few kind words, to a friend or even a stranger will most likely do very little, but there is a slim chance that it could do wonders. And because of that chance, because that there is a chance some great good could come from something, that takes very little time, and effort, why not,take the time to brighten someone’s day, if only just for a moment (:
Its just a nice gesture.

girl meets boy
Sighhh* but then I am a girl and me, being me am very contradictive. For people of know me, whether that be well or not, you will find that i tend to compliment myself, on a regular basis, :D - nothing wrong with that - But when i do compliment myself, when talking to someone else, especially gentlemen, i find it rather off putting when i receive an agree-a-tive response. -yes i just made up a word (: -
For example; C; I am just simply amazing
                     boy; yeah you are
Me.. * … okay. awkward*, i admit sometimes it is.. mm okay.. but most of the time i find it annoying. I want a witty, quirky, almost negative response. Maybe I'm weird that way. But i enjoy witty banter more than compliments. I find people who compliment me.. idk not right. Especially if Ive been complimenting myself. 
Then there are those people.. who compliment to receive compliments. It is even more irritating because most of the time, you know that they’re reeling for compliments. I use to be kinder, i suppose and return the gesture, now i find that i don't. Simply because i’m mean and cannot be bothered returning the gesture, if i don't “feel” it.
I think the most irritating are the people who cannot accept compliments. Firstly, yes, okay, maybe you do not truly believe the compliment or feel a certain way about a certain aspect. But i’ve found most people do this just to be given reassurance.It is even more aggravating when the compliment is thrown back at you “No you are, i’m not what are you talking about, you are, no you..” Just take the damn compliment. Or if they begin to say negative things about themselves, “I’m ugly.. rararara” 
stop. just stop. If i had wanted to insult you, i would have. period. Once a long time ago, i saw this girl, let’s call her Helen -sorry to all the Helens out there, I'm sure you’re lovely people- comment on her own photo in a very public place, a social networking site, after many wonderful people had taken the time to compliment her, retort, “no I'm ugly, call me ugly”, she put up this whole big fuss&fight about it. So; One. Obviously you did not think the photo was ugly, as you posted it for practically the world to see. Two; just take the compliment or don't say anything at all. So… i was pretty fed up so i commented; fine, you’re ugly. Surprise surprise no reply. And i’m the bitch for complying with her demands.

On another note, some beings, tend to compliment me, and compare my style and look per say to Blair Waldorf. And i feel honoured to be compared to such a lovely, not to mention beautiful character. However, some beings tend to forget that’s what she is a character, a fictional character. I know they don’t do this on purpose, but i feel the need to remind beings that, that is what Blair is. Sometimes when one says “You look like Blair Waldorf”, “You are so Blair”, i feel like screaming; Blair Waldorf is a fictional character, i am not like Blair Waldorf. She is like me.  Blair Waldorf, has her outfits carefully selected for her days, weeks i presume before hand. Her hair and make-up are done to an impeccable, level of perfection by the many skilled professionals hired to do so. I know this sounds ever so neurotic but tis how i feel, sometimes, not all the time.
The moral of my little rant is next time somebody gives you a compliment from sweet little heart, please, smile, and say thank-you. That really is all it takes.
  • smile + thank-you
Compliments are wonderful, simple things. Appreciate them, accept them. I know i do (:

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