Tuesday, 25 February 2014


Christmas Day; I was up until the wee hours of the morning as I was busy wrapping presents very last minute. In addition it was too difficult for me to fall asleep because I was so excited for Emma's first Christmas! And I love Christmas myself, Christmas carols, Christmas presents and Christmas cheer are of my loves. I'm the first up at about 6 am and once the first sibling is up a Christmas tradition, (that I invented), is that I force all my younger siblings to watch Beauty and the Beast with me. 

mother couldn't be with me
You can't buy my love but you can try ;D
my baby! is awake her first Christmas
Click the link below to see Santa!! and the rest of my Christmas day until I was abandoned my family and left stranded and starving. They went to the beach. Without me. :D:D feeling the love.

next sibling up

Chai latte in the morning

Santa, obviously.

Dress from +Alannah Hill 
hooorary my face is on
ready for Christmas lunch
Lipstick: +Yves Saint Laurent #11, Rouge Volupté range.
my Jamball and I

Christmas lunch... nice one dad.

kicking ass in monopoly, as always.
my sentiments for every holiday during the year (Easter O.o oh my Glob)