Friday, 28 February 2014

life update

Hello there my loves,
Last Tuesday we had cheer tryouts and during the last 10 minutes I managed to sprain my ankle. So if posts are a little delayed it's because I'm crawling around, not on all fours, but all threes to reach my laptop. Any who I had already planned a night out with the girls. The plan was to have dinner, have some pre-show drinks and attend the theatre. Grease had a special offer for a girl's night out and the tickets and pricing were amazing. However these amazing seats were in the Gold Dress, meaning there would be stairs. Needless to say the night was not the classy affair I had envisioned. When I think of the theatre I imagine getting dolled up, a little tipsy a little silly and bright lights. Instead I was on my hands and knees literally crawling up the stairs, twas a memorable night to say the least and it was so good to finally catch up with the girls all together. 
peter pan collared lace top: +sportsgirlaustralia
sparkly maxi skirt: +Urban Outfitters
Heeled sandals: +RMKstore cs
so just my luck my crutches broke as we entered the theatre.

my girls, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte.
Sex and the city moments

Salmon, mash and beans?
margarita pizza
lamb pizza
Grease the musical
sneaky snaps

dedication at it's finest
to unhealthiness 

my friends love me enough to watch me hobble
#greaseistheword #crutchesmakeeverythingbetter

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