Sunday, 23 February 2014

what does the fox say?

So I'm very keen to finish this segment (Those Almost Summer Days) because I've begun to move past this phase of my life, at least I'm trying to. During the month of December I had a real life changing reflection of self. It consisted of all these sequential moments that opened my eyes to the wonders in my life, the wonderful people, the moments to be had and the future that could be so bright if I let it. 
I was going through some real deep merde that I'm not sure if I'm ready to share with the Internet. But it's a little different now. I suppose TASDs are a recollection of this summer also I realised funny enough, the first of December is summer here in Australia but it didn't feel like it.

When I think of summer, I will always -at this point in time of my life- think of that one summer.  I think, I hope, we all have that one summer. It 's the one before school starts, before another chapter of life begins or it just one of those summers that you'll forever hold with you. In the movies, I've come to realise that all the romance and adventures is set in one of those summers. It's where the character is on the brink of something new, then they experience something foreign to what the had known before, it's all about transition. And there is something just magical about summer. There's something in the air during those crisp summer nights and blazing summer days.  Often it's the romanticising of spring, and the animals time of lurve (my mind always goes back to Bambi 2), but for myself it's always been summer.

I was born in the summertime; it's my favourite season. I've always thought of having a summer romance (God, I've seen way too many chick flicks and romcoms). Summertime is when I want to be out all the time, experiencing the nightlife, the culture of my city and just soaking up the warmth of summer (so I begin to think if there was someone to do all these things with, BONUS points). See I never think I need anyone, until the summertime but then I think about it some more and I always come to the same conclusion regardless of the season, I don't want someone what I want essentially is a slave. And I just went on a TOTAL tangent. Anyway, I knew in my heart (yes I do have one, despite however small and fragmented it may be, or despite however much I like to pretend as if I don't have one), that summer has passed and I won't ever have another summer just like that. It's bitter sweet as the memory of the summer will always be unique and I can't experience it again, what I can have is another summer, maybe a little reminiscent of the last, but different in all the right ways.

Now onto the pretty pictures that do tell a thousand words…
Little Red is out to play.


So I squashed a couple of days together here; 18th through to 21st.

my sandwhich compared to Amy's
that thickness. How times have changed; #FUNFACT I never ate
any vegetables (besides potatoes) until 10th/9th grade.

Smooothie making with the brother.


Walkies after a family feast #omgthefoodcoma

Almost constantly killing myself in order to snapchat.

I make friends do cartwheels on sidewalks
to entertain me.


EH HE HE ! my burrrfday present from mon amie.

she cleaned my room.

getting readyyy in maaaa silky robe #curlsgethegirls
I'm obviously done getting ready for The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show
also totes had to crop the cleavage cause that was too much for this audience to handle

"oh no the Big Bad Wolf is going to eat me"

Caught you posing!

Scout's honour!
my christmas parties are so wild I have pinatas
The wild scramble for the candy 

my 'I'm so happy the food is here face' 

the fire brigade came cause we obvs 'too hot to handle'

"A picture's worth a thousand words... and you have two pictures."
sooo.. I have three.
I'm doing this in heels cut me some slack. #nikepros underneath like a true cheerleader. Annndd I may or may not have been stuck.

climbing down in the dark, I may have stepped on my friend...

The look of disapproval.

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