Wednesday, 5 March 2014

to loved ones

With love;
From Cat
I recently sent off some letters to some family and friends who live interstate and overseas.It honestly took so long to find a calligraphy set or a letter-writing bundle. At my local post office the clerk sadly informed me that they had stopped selling them a long time ago. This is extremely disheartening as if you can't purchase them from the place you send letters what hope is left?

The answer: +kikki K 

It's sad really; I have the fondest memories of writing letters 
to my friends even those I saw every day at school. After school I would drop off the letter at, my best friend at the time, her grandparent's house by my school. Even then I was awful with the actual mailing of letters.

The parcels and letters I sent off went to California and Queensland, my friends in the States have been waiting five years for these parcels, generally I would hand deliver them when I visited because that was faster than the time it took for me to mail them. 

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